Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sweet Bare Bottom Feet

Decorating babies is more fun than it should be.  Last year I did a Bare Bottom Sandal that wrapped around the toe and it was a hit.  This year, I am mixing it up a bit and leaving the toes alone.  These sandals wrap around the foot and the ankle and pretty much leave the cute button and flower to accent those yummy baby feet.  To put them on the foot, you grab all of the straps and slip the foot in between the straps and the top of the sandal.  It is a little easier to put these on :)

To add to the cuteness my friend Brittany suggested a headband.  Hello!  Duh!  This little sandal turned into a set that is a must have for this spring!

These are listed in My Mady Michelle on Etsy.  I will be doing a giveaway on Facebook so make sure to LIKE my shop if you want to win one.

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