Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Mady Michelle International

I am feeling very International today!  This week I received two orders in my Etsy shop to be sent around the world.  AROUND THE WORLD!  It is a kind of a dorky/rad feeling to know that the items that I crochet WITH LOVE are in places I will most likely never go.

I made this sweet afghan with all of my extra yarn balls last year.  I want to make another!  I think my husband will leave me if I don't finish some of my other projects first.  Anyway, she is going to Austrailia.  Have fun down under my friend!
This is my best selling boy owl hat.  I made a newborn size for a sweet little one in Iceland.  We know it will go to good use.

I think I would feel like a total jerk to not mention how thankful I am  for this craft that I have become obsessed with.  I love to crochet and have the most patient family in the world! They put up with my mess and lack of being a functioning house mom.  I am blessed and so thankful to be able to support my hobby that brings me such joy.

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