Sunday, June 9, 2013

4th of July Tutu Skirt

I have so many craft supplies in my possession.  All of them had great intentions of either bringing me closer to my goal of being a thousandaire or having Oprah call to meet the newest most innovative crafter who turned her families humble lifestyle upside down, never having to worry about bills getting paid in full AND on time.  I know it sounds like bragging when I say I am SO close to one of those goals.  I will keep it to myself as to not make people envy me.
Since my first intention of making pettiskirts with this nylon chiffon lasted about 5 skirts, I now have odd colored rolls of this stuff.  The challenge, make whatever I can out of it.  I have come up with two uses so far, this cute little patriotic skirt/tutu and bows.  That's right, I said TWO uses.  I just hope Oprah will not have a hard time finding me.
I used non-roll elastic, stitched it together on the sewing machine.  I cut out strips that were approximately 24"x2.5" and tied them on the elastic.  Tada!  A festive skirt sure to please the crowds in the upcoming holiday celebrations.


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